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Final Portfolio

My Writing Journey Continues The second part of this semester of English 1103 at High Point University has continued to be an amazing learning opportunity and my desire to become a strong writer has grown tremendously. In the last six weeks I have written two very different assignments, one being a shorter but mighty creative…

The Pressures Of Instagram

The social media app Instagram has taken the world by storm ever since launching in 2010. Instagram ( which is owned by facebook) is a popular photo sharing app used by many. While the app has many positives and is a way to connect with others, unfortunately it also has many negatives. The pressure of…

A Book That Shaped Me

The book that shaped me  I have always had an itch for reading, finding the next page turner, but the one book that has really shaped my life is Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Steven Chbosky. I read this coming- of-age novel when I was in the sixth grade, which is a grade of…

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